10. Juli 2014/Pressemitteilungen

NJ-Gouverneurin Christie kann sich keine Zeit für die Eltern von Sandy Hook nehmen, findet aber die Zeit, nach CT zu kommen, um Geld für die Republikanische Partei von CT zu sammeln?

Hartford, Connecticut – If voters want to know where the Connecticut Republican Party and its candidates for Governor stand on guns, look no further than an upcoming Chris Christie fundraiser.

Frisch aus a veto of a commonsense gun safety bill in New Jersey, Governor Christie will soon be Kommen to Connecticut to raise money for the Connecticut Republicans and their candidates for Governor.

In addition to vetoing the bill, Gov. Christie called it “trivial.” Not satisfied, he somehow also managed to insult the parents of the victims of Sandy Hook.

When Sandy Hook parents personally came to his office to deliver a petition with more than 55,000 signatures in support of limiting high-capacity magazines, they were rebuffed by Governor Christie. New Jersey’s Governor has time to travel to Connecticut for a fundraiser, but won’t meet with Connecticut parents affected by a devastating tragedy?

Even Republicans have slammed him for his actions, calling his arguments “painful.”

If voters are unsure about where the CT GOP and its candidates for Governor stand on Connecticut’s gun law, they should look no further than this fundraiser. These are the same candidates who called Connecticut’s common sense gun law "ungünstig" and said they’d sign a bill repealing the law.

“It’s remarkable that Chris Christie has the audacity to insult the parents of Sandy Hook victims, but then come to Connecticut to hobnob, glad-hand, and raise money. It’s an insult to family-members of Newtown victims – and it’s a slap in the face to this state,” said Devon Puglia, Democratic Party spokesman. “We know Tom Foley has called Connecticut’s smart, strict gun law ‘inconvenient’, and we know John McKinney has said he’d sign a bill repealing the law, but even given that, they ought to admonish Governor Christie for what he’s done.”