22. April 2014/Pressemitteilungen

Chris Christie hat es geschafft, warum also nicht Tom Foley?

Hartford, Connecticut – In 2010, Tom Foley was quoted as saying, “I want to be the Chris Christie of Connecticut,” and “I think he’s become something of an icon of the Republican Party for some of the things he’s done down in New Jersey.” And just yesterday we learned that despite Bridgegate, reckless financial practices and recent credit downgrades in New Jersey, Tom Foley still stands by his idol, Chris Christie. So given Tom Foley’s unwavering allegiance to the embattled RGA chair and his dedication to following the Christie playbook, why is it that Foley hasn’t answered questions about his involvement with the Rowland investigation?

“If Tom Foley’s idol Chris Christie can cooperate with investigators about Bridgegate, then certainly Foley can tell Connecticut if he was ever interviewed by the FBI or any other authority regarding any approaches John Rowland may have made to him,” said Nancy DiNardo, Connecticut Democratic Party Chairwoman. “It’s not a complicated question and it’s time for Tom Foley to answer it. I mean, What Would Chris Christie Do?”

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